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InEar ProMission X (PMX)

  • Brand: InEar Monitoring
  • Product Code: InEar ProMission X (PMX)
  • Availability: In Stock
Tags: PMX

InEar ProMission X (PMX)

A high-end headphone from another galaXy.

ProMission X includes a 4-way, in-ear monitoring system with 10 (Roman X) drivers per side.

Our new masterpiece captivates through its eXtra portion of powerfully clear bass.
The transparent and, at the same time, warm middles support its impressive spatiality.
Its crystal-clear trebles sound like they’re from another star.

The housing design is based on our tried-and-true universal fit, which was generated through hundreds of ear impressions.

The eXclusive hybrid material made of jet-black violet wood* and acrylic in shimmering mother-of-pearl sky-blue provide for special aesthetics and also establish an optical analogy to the universe.

This headphone isn't just for the pros of the audiophile world – it's for anyone who wants sound that is out of this world.Immerse yourself with us in the infinite world of sound. ProMission X - hear the difference!

InEar ProMission X Technical Data:

4-way system 10 Drivers

Transmission range 10 Hz - 20,000 Hz

Output sound pressure  120 dB

Impedance 10 ohms

Cable length  140 cm

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