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InEar Monitoring

InEar ProMission X (PMX) InEar ProMission X (PMX)
InEar ProMission X (PMX)A high..
InEar ProMission X (PMX)A high-end headphone from another galaXy.ProMission X includes a 4-way, in-ear monitoring system with 10 (Roman X) drivers per side. Our new masterpiece captivates through its eXtra portion of powerfully clear bass. The transparent and, at the same time, warm middles support ..
InEar StageDiver 1 (SD1) blue silver
InEar StageDiver 1 (SD1)univer..
InEar StageDiver 1 (SD1)universal fit generated from hundreds of ear impressions.Getting started with professional in-ear monitoring can be so inexpensive. With InEar StageDiver 1 you get a linear sounding and well-balanced monitor with best fit characteristics like all StageDiver models.Very light ..
InEar StageDiver 4 (SD4) green metallic
InEar StageDiver 4 (SD4) green..
InEar StageDiver 4 (SD4) green metallicuniversal fit generated from hundreds of ear impressions.Incredible low bass and precise highs make the InEar StageDiver 4 (SD4) your choice for studio recording and live playing.Fine sound details never noticed with other earphones will be audible. For first-c..
InEar StageDiver 5 (SD5) hybrid resin violet
InEar StageDiver 5 (SD5) hybri..
InEar StageDiver 5 (SD5) hybrid resin violetuniversal fit generated from hundreds of ear impressions.Five perfectly matched drivers per ear create an incredibly wide frequency response in our InEar StageDiver 5, with rich bass, powerful midrange and clear, crisp highs.The SD5 remains neutral and giv..
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