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Founded in the New York, PALAB is dedicated to a minimalistic, naturally perfect audio product. Listening for not just listening but for the sense of serene calmness. Discreet yet luxurious, our obsessive effort in perfecting the electronic circuit has brought about the most accurate representation of original sound made even better.

Palab is designed and manufactured by the workshop who produced NuForce and Goldmund audio equipment before.

"PA" is Pure Audio and Power Advance. It is the core design philosophy hardwired into our DNA through years of audio design experience. Our creation is the embodiment of astonishing achievements of the past with elements of the future.

From casuals to audiophiles alike; let us bask ourselves in the bustling glory of New City streets while silently immersed with the purest form of music.

PALAB DAC-M1  DAC (MQA) /Preamp/ headphone amp PALAB DAC-M1  DAC (MQA) /Preamp/ headphone amp
PALAB DAC-M1  DAC (MQA) / Preamp/ headphone amptriving for perfectionWe are dedicated to restoring the most original music, Design  team  members  are  all  music lovers. Which allows us to have more awareness and persistence in the  product  replay  perf..
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