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About NuPrime

In 2014, NuForce’s cofounder, Jason Lim, with backing from the OEM factory, bought the assets of NuForce’s high-end division, obtained the rights to NuForce technologies, and formed NuPrime Audio, Inc (no relations to Optoma who acquired NuForce in 2014). Under the leadership Jason Lim, NuPrime has assembled a design team comprised of talented engineers who are expert in audio amplifier and switching-power circuit designs.

NuPrime has since introduced a series of superbly engineered yet affordable audio components. In 2015, for the first time in high end audio history, NuPrime has received many Product Of The Year awards from two prestigious magazines The Absolute Sound and SoundStage! Network.

NuPrime aims to achieve yet greater heights of excellence and value in high-performance audio.